House Concerts

I’ve played a lot of shows in my life, some big and some small. From playing Farm Aid to small clubs on South Street back in my hometown of Philly. From opening for Robert Plant to  intimate shows in smoky Nashville bars.

And while it’s awesome to play in front of big crowds, there’s nothing quite like being up close and personal with a small crowd. One that knows my songs and isn’t afraid to shout out their favorites. Or better yet, someone who’s never heard my songs coming up to me at the end of the night to ask where to find my music.

Now I’m turning the intimacy dial up a notch and putting together a string of house concerts to coincide with some upcoming shows. I’m working on my new album and I’d love to play those songs for you and your friends.

House Concert FAQs

What’s a house concert?
A house concert is a way to experience my music in a relaxed, listener-friendly setting alongside your friends and family.

Why would I want to host a house concert?
Hosting a house concert is a way that you can show your love and support of independent music. You can create a memorable night for you and your friends while also being able to enjoy live, original music, up close and personal in your own home or backyard.

Does it cost anything?
It doesn’t have to cost you a thing. I can play for a set fee, or you can set up a “suggested donation” of $10-$15 for each guest, depending on how many guests are expected. This covers my costs but also allows those on a tight budget to still join in the fun. I’ve found that most people are more than happy to chip in for the experience. The beauty of a house concert is that you can customize it to work for you.

How many people?
20+. Usually 20-30 people is a good sized crowd to shoot for. If you’ve got the space, you can invite more, but the most important thing is that people are comfortable and have a good experience. If you think of friends, family, small groups, social groups, and neighbors who might be interested, it’s usually no problem getting enough people together.

I don’t have a big house. Can I still host a concert?
Probably! I’ve been traveling around on a 35′ sailboat for the past 3+ years so I’m used to making small spaces work. I can play in a living room, a back yard area, a basement – you name it. You can ask people to bring their own folding chairs, or even just sit on pillows on the floor. I have a very small PA or I’m happy to play with no PA. Whatever fits the room and the vibe you wanna create.

What do I need as the artist?
I need about a 4′ x 6′ area to play, some space on a countertop or table for my merch (CD’s, T-shirts, etc.), and access to power. If I set up outside, a covered area is preferred if possible.

What about food and drinks?
I’ve found that having refreshments makes it more fun and social, and invites conversation. You can choose whether to provide snacks and drinks, and/or ask guests to bring something to share. Appetizers, dessert, coffee, wine bar… It’s up to you!

What exactly is the order of events for the evening?
The night will be fun and laid back. It’s a great idea to give folks an hour or so to arrive, get comfortable, eat, and chat it up before getting into music. I will arrive about 15 minutes before it’s time for me to go on so I can get settled in. Music can go for as little as one hour or as long as two hours with a break in the middle to allow everyone to stretch their legs, get more food, etc. (It’s up to you!). After the music, I like to hang out for a half hour or so to enjoy a glass of wine and get to know everyone a little. This is the beauty of a house concert!

Have more questions? Have ideas? Let’s talk.

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